Sales & Marketing

Hamad Al-Mulaifi

Mr. Hamad Al-Mulaifi serves as the Sales & Marketing Manager at KREC, a position he has held since joining the company in 2012. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the Lebanese American University; he has also recently completed the Oxford Programme on Negotiation from Said Business School, Oxford University.

Mr. Al-Mulaifi began his career at IFA Hotels & Resorts, based in Kuwait, where he served as Senior Sales Executive. Among his accomplishments at IFA, he was responsible for securing sales in excess of KWD _________ for products including high-end residential, fractional, timeshare and condo-hotel units as well as niche product segments such as fractional private jet and yacht ownership. This experience has assisted him in advising clients in regards to tailoring specific real estate portfolios for their investments. His experience at IFA was able to afford him with a background in varied markets, including Dubai, Bangkok and Beirut.

While Mr. Al-Mulaifi’s proficiency prior to joining KREC was in high-end, exclusive real estate, he has been able to parlay that experience into the company’s more varied product line. Upon the execution of the extension of KREC’s two BOT contracts with the Kuwaiti government, Mr. Al-Mulaifi was able to increase rental revenue among the office, retail and parking components of the building by an average of 26%.

Across KREC’s entire portfolio, Mr. Al-Mulaifi’s tenure as head of the department has experienced the largest growth in rental revenue the company has seen in recent history. The company’s residential portfolio of assets has seen a revenue increase of ____%, while the office and retail portfolio have experienced increases of _____% and _____% respectively since his appointment to the post.

In addition to his responsibilities as head of the Sales & Marketing Department, he has also been tasked with leading the company’s client relationship management effort by acting as a liaison between the KREC’s management and its tenants. With his ability to work closely with tenants of different socio-economic backgrounds, Mr. Al-Mulaifi has been able to tend to core customer complaints while maintaining his focus on financial targets.