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Disclosure from Kuwait Real Estate Company about scheduling the Ordinary General Assembly meeting for F/Y 31 December 2020

Reference to the subject mentioned above, and to the commitment from Kuwait Real Estate Company to the requirements of the article of disclosures of essential information from book Ten (Disclosure and Transparency) of the bylaws of the Capital Markets Authority Law and Regulating Securities Activities and its amendments, and accordingly

We want to disclose the invitation of Kuwait Real Estate Company's Ordinary General Assembly for the financial year 31 December 2020 to discuss the points stated in the meeting's agenda. The Ordinary General Assembly will be convened on Tuesday, 18/05/2021 at 12:00 PM in the Company's Head Office located in Souk AL Kuwait Building, 8th Floor, Meeting room. Provided that the shareholder's attendance and voting will be virtually by the electronic means only, due to the current circumstances and precautionary measures

Attached is the disclosure form of material information as per Appendix No. (11). also attached a copy of the Ordinary General Assembly agenda and a copy from Ministry of Commerce's approval on the meeting date.