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Extraordinary General Assembly (postponded) – Kuwait Real Estate Company.

Kuwait Real Estate Company (KSC) held its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) (postponded) at 11:00 am on Thursday, 05/07/2018 at Al- Thuraya Hall - JW Marriot Hotel - Floor 16 and attendance at 69.387% , And the Assembly approved all the items on the agenda as bellow:

  1. Approved the amendment of Article No (6) of the memorandum of Association and Article (5) of the Articles of Association of the Company by increasing the Company's capital by issuing a number of new shares up to a maximum of 64403643 shares in order to complete the voluntary non-cash acquisition of the shares of the International Resorts Company.

  2. Authorizing the Board of Directors of the company to determine the amount of capital increase in light of the result of the acquisition and marking the increase in the Commercial Register.