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Final phases of “Souq Al-Kuwait” building development

Kuwait Real Estate Company (AQARAT) announced the start of final phases of “Souq Al-Kuwait” building development. AQARAT emphasized that these developments will bring a change to the building’s aesthetic landscape, tenants’ background and the complex’ visitors. The renovation works intend to redevelop the property while maintaining the original structure of the complex. Souk Al Kuwait, with its modern structure and design is at the very entrance of Souq Mubarikiya and offers an exciting shopping and entertainment experience for the visitors and tenants all through the year due to the complex’s closed and 24 hour air-conditioned nature.

With prudent policies set by the executive management, Kuwait Real Estate Company (AQARAT) managed to improve quality of services it offers. The company has taken into consideration the nature of local community and requirements of tenants within an appropriate environment that preserves Souq Al Kuwait as a prime landmark and central building in Mubarikiya area. The renovation works have been phased out to ensure continuity of smooth shopping within the complex. The renovation program is primarily focused on adding services, replacement of lifts, escalators, facades and aluminum, refurbishment of public utilities, and providing largest possible number of parking slots to ensure easy access and exit in the areas and offer suitable environment for visiting tourists

Upon completion of renovation and development activities, which is expected by the end of this year, the Complex will be a rejuvenated attraction for local shoppers and tourists as the complex hosts a variety of retail stores and a number of local and international restaurant and café brands such as GIA, Costa and others that will be announced in due course.

The second branch of GIA Restaurant was opened recently. It is a new concept restaurant patronized by Kuwaiti youth and has attracted clients thanks to its unique menu and distinct fresh style in providing its services. GIA most distinctive feature is the restaurant design that brings you a sense of neighborhoods in the USA or Europe, in addition to modern atmosphere offering enjoyment and relaxation at the same time.