Assistant VP - Human Resources

Mohammed N. Al-Hamad

Mr. Mohammed Al-Hamad is one of the most tenured members of the KREC management team. Joining the company in 1996, he has over 20 years of diverse experience within large-scale organizations and more than 12 years of experience in Human Resources, Training & Development and Management Re-staffing. He is a highly motivated professional that is adept at sourcing qualified talent in medium-to-large corporations in both the public and private sectors. He completed his Bachelors of Commerce from The Advanced Academy, Cairo, Egypt in 2009, and holds a Management Diploma Certificate from the Commerce College, Kuwait (1990).He has enhanced his competencies through the years by attending numerous renowned training courses in various fields and disciplines; such as management , human resources , computer applications , administration law and labor.

In 2011, Mr. Al-Hamad became the first ever Human Resources Manager appointed to the KREC management team. Since joining the firm, he has excelled in establishing policies and procedures that meet both the corporate and staff needs. He has been able to successfully retain talent and decrease employee costs as well as identify critical issues facing the human resources department and implement effective solutions to those problems. He has always been passionate about people and development and has shown the ability to facilitate change in individuals and teams. He has excelled in empowering management to increase the emotional commitment and effort of their employees and helping them to develop a clear and shared vision that all levels of personnel take ownership of and in turn make improvements in areas such as productivity, teamwork, communication and morale.

His initial task in the department was to assists the executives of the company in establishing a clearer and more defined organizational chart that would help the company achieve its ambitious plans for the future. Mr. Al-Hamad’s most significant achievement since becoming HR manager has been the complete overhaul of the payroll and human resource management system. The new software has allowed both management and employees to streamline a varied amount of requests and approvals, saving the company time and capital.

In addition to his duties, Mr. Al-Hamad is also assigned to follow up with shareholders’ inquires and co-ordinates the distribution of invitations for the general assemblies of the company.

Mr. Al-Hamad currently serves as a vice chairman in Zamzam for Religious Tourism and vice chairman and CEO of the Financial Group of Kuwait Holding Co. In addition, he is the manager for AlAqdain United for Marketing & Advertising.