VP - Real Estate Development

Abdul Aziz Al-Meajel

Eng. Abdul Aziz Al-Meajel graduated from Kuwait Engineering and Petroleum University, with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2003. He has been a member of Kuwait Engineers Society since 2004.

He has over 10 years of professional experience in the design, construction, and management of real estate development projects. He has worked passionately on various residential, commercial and service rendering projects of value ranging from KD 6 Million to KD 12 Million.

He began his professional career working for an engineering firm in Kuwait, where he managed all of the architectural and engineering aspects of real estate development projects. He joined Kuwait Real Estate Company in 2010 and currently heads the Real Estate Design & Development team that serves as KREC’s engineering arm, directing the realization of its innovative projects. He is responsible for ensuring effective management of design and construction of development projects in the company, certifying the fulfillment of the project’s technical requirements as well as conformance to quality, schedule and cost.

His recent experience has focused on the design, construction and management of renovation of high-value residential and commercial projects, with the objective of preserving the company’s landmark properties while upgrading them for modern use. Through this assignment, he demonstrated that the investment value of the company’s existing landmark assets in the prime locations could be increased by retooling the project with modern amenities and technological innovation, by increasing the visual appeal and structural stability, by using sophisticated finishing materials that would integrate well with old structure, by implementing smart building automation systems, and at the same time retaining and safeguarding the qualities, traditions and heritage that have made them endearing landmarks. He has strived to support all aspects of the company’s delivery of successful real estate products, enriching the company’s project portfolio.